Easy Spring Art Card

This is a very short post, because this card is seriously SO easy to make.

You will need:

• A blank card (preferably white or off-white)
• A large stamp (spring-themed)
• Black stamping ink (preferably fast-drying)
• Pencil crayons (at least a 24 pack)

Easy Spring Card | Random Housewifery

Easy Spring Card | Random Housewifery

I saw this stamp at Michaels and totally fell in love with it! Lucky for me, all stamps were 50% off that day, because big stamps can be pretty pricey. If you want to get the same one, it’s R158 Nestled Bird by Stampenous.

I know a lot of people prefer clear acrylic block stamps, because you can see exactly where on your project you are stamping, but I think rubber stamps have better ink-transferring properties. Use whatever you like though!

Step one: Thoroughly ink your stamp, position it carefully, and then press firmly down. Careful not to wiggle the stamp too much, or you’ll get a blurred image.

Step two: Wait for the ink to dry (this is why fast-drying ink is nice).

Step three: Colour the picture in with your pencil crayons.

Easy Spring Card | Random Housewifery

See? It’s just colouring for grown-ups! No drawing ability required.

I made two of these cards in one afternoon last year. I gave one to my Mom and one to my Mother-in-Law; written inside was an invitation to take them out for Mother’s Day brunch at a local restaurant.

You could also use this picture for Easter, or just a “Happy Spring!” card for a friend or neighbour. You could even make one for yourself, frame it, and hang it as part of a gallery wall display. So easy and fun!

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