Easy DIY Fairy Crown


Hello again!

For some reason, I am feeling the urge to blog, even though I have little time for such things now that I homeschool, and thought I had lost all desire to do so.

I still have a ton of photos of projects I did though. They’re even all nicely organized on my computer, just waiting to be shared with the world! So, I’ll start small. . .

I want to share an adorable Butterfly-Fairy-themed birthday party I did for my youngest daughter, but first I’ll share a couple of things that I made for said party.

Number One – Butterfly Fairy Crowns in four easy steps! 

For this project, you’ll need:


  • Faux flowers in your colour of choice (I bought some cheap hydrangeas and cut some individual flowers off of their main stems, leaving a small amount of stem attached to the flower)
  • Faux butterflies in your colour of choice (Mine had little clips on the backs)
  • A ready-made flower crown that could use more oomph
  • Extra ribbons in your colour of choice

I found all of my supplies at Michaels, but a lot of accessory stores (like Claire’s) also sell flower crowns. If you can’t find a ready-made crown base, you could use some clothing elastic (sold at craft and fabric stores) or a length of sturdy paper-wrapped wire cut to size (also sold at Michaels). If it’s not the colour you want, paint it!

Step 1: Try the crown onto the head of the person who will be wearing it, and adjust as needed. I got my daughter to try on one of the crowns, and found I had to form it into a roughly oval shape to sit comfortably on her head. I also tied the green ribbons at the back so that it was the correct size for her, and then did the same with the rest of my crowns, assuming that most little girls have similar-sized heads.

Step 2: Decide where you want to put your butterflies, and clip or hot-glue them on.


I needed to keep costs down, because I was making eight of these crowns (in different colours) for the birthday party, so each crown only got three butterflies. You could use more! I chose to space mine evenly around the circlet, but you could also put them all in one place for a dramatic focal point.

Step 3: Measure and cut lengths of ribbon, and tie them onto the crown.


I only wanted a couple ribbons hanging down the back, but there are lots of options here. You could do a lot of ribbons or a few, you could tie them all over the back and sides, you could make loops, you could make braids, you could make braided loops, you could add beads to the ribbons, etc. Use your imagination!

Step 4: Hot-glue your extra flowers on. (Sew them on if using an elastic headband).


This is why I left a bit of stem on my hydrangeas; it gives the glue something to grab. For extra stability, I did my best to add flowers in places where I could tuck the stems into the wrapped vine bits of the crown, as shown in the photo above. I used generous blobs of hot glue to really make sure the flowers would stay! Anyone who has kids knows they aren’t always gentle with their possessions. . .


And here is my sweet little A, modelling her Fairy Crown.

IMG_3891 - Version 2

Side view:

IMG_4657 - Version 2

(Excuse the crappy phone photo; camera battery died)

Can you tell that turquoise is her favourite colour?

I also made a crown for myself, to wear at the party and to be part of my Halloween costume that year.


I used three different shades of blue for mine, and a few different types of faux florals. You can also see what I mean by using more than one butterfly to make a strong focal point here.

You can get the hovering effect by using thin wires to hold some butterflies.

Sadly, I have just discovered in writing this blog post that I never took a single photo of all the other butterfly fairy crowns I made! How disappointing. . . =(

Next up: Butterfly Fairy Wings!


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