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Welcome to Random Housewifery!

My name is Sara, and I am (surprise) a Housewife. My husband and I live with our three beautiful children in a weird little A-frame house on 3 acres, in a rural subdivision in central Alberta, Canada.

Our Annual Canada Day Family Photo, 2014
Our Annual Canada Day Family Photo, 2014

I was born and raised a city girl, but some of my fondest childhood memories were of the times that my two brothers and I would visit our Grandma and Grandpa on their farm. They also had about 3 acres, and when I was very young, they raised chickens and cows, in addition to having an enormous vegetable garden and at least one full acre that was lent out to a neighbouring farmer to grow whatever crops he wanted. The livestock eventually disappeared, leaving an empty barn, but the gardens stayed. My Grandpa was the one who tended the veggies, while my Grandma beautified the property with her flower beds. They also had several apple trees and fruit bushes, including gooseberries, red & black currants, and raspberries. I LOVED feeling the soft pussy willows in spring, eating fruits and veggies straight “off the vine,” picking wildflower bouquets for my Grandma, having all of that open space to run around in, and being out of the city. For some reason, I have always felt more at home in the country than in the city. I just feel more peaceful and happy when I’m not surrounded by all of that hustle and bustle and noise and PEOPLE!

I met my husband-to-be when I was just 14 years old. My family changed churches the summer after grade 9 ended for me, and it didn’t take long for the new pastor’s 20-year-old son to catch my eye. That’s right – he was twenty. We are six years apart! Not such a big deal now, of course, but it was then! I was sure by the time I started grade 10 that this was the man I would marry. He took a little longer to come around (I was, after all, MUCH too young for him), but by the time I was half-way through grade 11, we were courting. Now don’t freak out; he asked my Dad’s permission. I was 16 and he was 22 at that point, but our families knew each other so well by then that it really wasn’t much of an issue. We got engaged just before I graduated from grade 12, I took two years of university (pursuing a Bachelor of
Fine Arts degree), and we were married in the summer of 2002. I became pregnant with our son only three months after the wedding, was too sick to work or go to school, and thus, I became a Housewife.

It was not at all a difficult transition for me. My Mom had done an excellent job of teaching me to cook, bake, sew, clean, and generally run a household, and honestly, I love it. I get that it’s not for everyone, but how being a Housewife was ever looked down upon, I’ll never know. It genuinely takes a large amount of hard work, creativity, and intelligence, particularly when you add children and a tight budget to the mix!

My aim with this blog is to share my knowledge and experience with others. It seems like Homemaking has become a lost art in this day and age, with many parents either choosing to not teach their daughters (and sons) basic skills like cooking, or not being able to pass that on, having never learned those skills themselves. I want to share my favourite recipes, some sewing tutorials, various DIY projects, easy decorating ideas, best gardening secrets, great kid’s parties, and other random housewifery tips. I will also share what DIDN’T work, and any problems I encountered along the way, so that you can learn from my mistakes.

Be forewarned though: I’m a “Greenie” at heart! Virtually every aspect of what I do is done with consideration for the planet, from using organic ingredients in recipes to making sure that most of my craft supplies can be composted or recycled. I’m pretty serious about taking good care of God’s beautiful world. So much so, that I’ve made a whole separate category for Eco-Living, even though it ties into practically everything else.

Of course, you don’t have to be a Housewife in order to read my blog and enjoy it. Anyone with an interest in cooking, baking, sewing, decorating, gardening, and/or throwing fun themed parties is welcome here!

Let the blog begin!


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