DIY Simple Easter Arrangement

Easter is just around the corner, and I’m scrambling to get things ready! I’m hosting the family dinner this year, and of course, being me, I want everything to be perfect.

It would have been easier to just re-create this floral centrepiece that I made last year, but what’s the fun in that? I put those faux florals to use in a different way this year, and realized that I really needed a substantial arrangement for my coffee table. Continue reading


Stars of the Early Spring Garden

Spring is my favourite season of all! The weather warming up after a long, cold, dark winter; the birds returning; the snow melting; and the whole earth returning to life. . . It just fills me with joy every time! Continue reading

Ladybug Themed Kid’s Party

My little A turned 4 last year, and she told me she wanted a Ladybug Birthday Party!

I started checking Pinterest for ideas right away, and believe me, this is a very popular party theme for little girls! There are loads of ideas out there, so it’s not so much a matter of figuring out what to do; it’s a matter of choosing which ideas you like best. And, of course, which ones fit your budget!

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Easy Spring Art Card

This is a very short post, because this card is seriously SO easy to make.

You will need:

• A blank card (preferably white or off-white)
• A large stamp (spring-themed)
• Black stamping ink (preferably fast-drying)
• Pencil crayons (at least a 24 pack) Continue reading

DIY Easter Basket Centrepiece Tutorial

So I was going to quit blogging. Forever.

As much as I love doing the stuff I blog about, I had discovered that I don’t like the actual blogging part. Sitting at a computer for hours, typing, loading photos, re-loading photos that didn’t work, editing, more typing, more photos, more editing. . . I’ve never been a HUGE fan of computer stuff, and honestly, I always feel like I’m being a bit lazy when I’m just sitting on my butt at a computer.

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Fall Bookcase & Art Wall

Living in an A-frame house, I have very few vertical walls on which I can hang art or photos. It makes me sad, but it also causes me to really appreciate the walls I do have.

One of these vertical walls is in my stairwell, and there is just enough of a ledge at the top for me to put an EXPEDIT bookcase from IKEA. I love to create seasonal displays on top of the bookcase, as if it were a fireplace mantel, and hang things on the bit of wall above it. Continue reading